Pref: Another guy hits on you


"I’m gonna get us a drink babe," Niall whispered as his hands left your waist. Everything in here was sweaty, smelly breaths surrounding you. You stopped swaying your hips and smoothly got through the crowd of dancing people. You leaned up against a wall waiting for Niall to come back. You closed your eyes feeling the rythm of the music in your chest, but when you opened them again a large body was only inches from yours. You pressed yourself against the wall, but the males hand quickly found it’s way to the back of your head keeping you in place. "Hi sexy.." he whispered sending a shiver down your spine. "What do you say? You and me?" he said as he grabbed your ass. You squeezed your eyes shut. "What do you say you get your hands off of my girlfriends?" a deep voice angrily growled. The man turned around and you saw your chance to slip around him, quickly getting behind Nialls back. The man stepped closer to Niall, his eyes dark with anger, but Niall didn’t even consider stepping back.


Slamming the door running down the street. “(Y/N)!” you heard Harry’s voice behind you, but you kept running. Bare feet, tearstained face and the rain wetting your hair. “(Y/N)!” his voice became faint. You ran into a neighbourhood, sprinting past an alley when a strong arm snaked around your waist. A clammy hand covered your hand and your screams became muffling. A body pressed you up against the cold walls. He began undressing you against your will. Right now you would wish Harry was there even though it was him you were running from. “Please stop..” you whimpered tears streaming down your face. He laughed evilly and continued. But suddenly a fist collided with his jaw and he fell unconciouness onto the ground. Two strong arms were wrapped around you and you could smell Harry scent. You grabbed his shirt as he carried you bridal style, sobbing into his chest as. “It’s gonna be okay, I will take care of you.” he whispered kissing your temple.


Zayn held your hand tightly as you walked through the park, enjoying the sun. You rested your head on his shoulder closing your eyes as his body guided you. “Babe..” Zayn whispered and you opened your eyes to see your x-boyfriend with his “gang” getting closer. Zayn instantly became protective, his hand snaking around your waist. “Long time, no see (Y/N).” a familiar voice said, a smirk spreading on his lips. “How are you?” you didn’t answer, you just stared at him as Zayn was stood half in front of you. “She’s doing well if you even care.” Zayn replied for you a hint of anger in his voice. “Ha! Guess that bitch couldn’t find anything better than you..” your X laughed back. Zayn took a step closer, their faces inches apart. Zayn was taller and definietly stronger. “Better watch your mouth, we both know who’s the strongest one here.” Zayn growled back, anger filling his eyes. Your X backed down as he realized the truth. You smiled to yourself as Zayn grabbed your hand leading you away from the group of offended boys.

(A/N): Just a quick one. Hope you like it. I’m doing my best, but my life.. it’s pretty tough right now.

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